Flinto Research Foundation | Early Childhood Development
  • The Flinto R&D Centre is the global leader in bringing a paradigm shift in early childhood education
  • The centre focuses on transforming profound ideas into extraordinary learning systems for children
  • A team of highly-skilled intellectuals works towards reforming the length & breadth of early education

The early learning experts at Flinto R&D Centre are building research-based early learning kits with a state-of-the-art curriculum, multi-level assessment tools & activity-based materials.

Our Core Philosophies
Child-First Philosophy
Every single activity and learning material is designed keeping in mind the child’s age, uniqueness, and development.
Standardized Early Education
By democratizing and standardizing early education across all channels and mediums of a child’s life, we make
world-class early learning accessible to all.
Play At The Nucleus Of Design
We believe that play is the highest form of learning. We explore play deeper and deliver early learning in the only way it is meant to be — the fun way.
Integrated Learning Program
A personalized and multidimensional program that caters to every learning style — Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic — so that no child is left behind.
Universal Design Methodologies
We follow the principles of universal design in our learning methodologies so that every single child, regardless of their differences and uniqueness, enjoys the experience.
Safety & Age-Appropriateness
We have a dedicated team working towards building the right tools for age-specific learning so that our final products are
child-safe and break-resistant.
Multi-Level Assessment & Evaluation
Through every stage of production, we look into every single detail and conduct multi-level testing to evaluate the effectiveness of our products.
From World-Renowned Methodologies To The Best Learning Experiences
  • A patent-pending system that designs breakthrough products in early childhood education
  • Designing effective learning tools catering to every child’s unique learning style
  • Collaborating with global researchers having divergent perspectives
  • Standardizing the learning space with a uniform methodology
  • Providing world-class education that fosters activity-based learning
The Journey
An Overview: From Idea To The Product
What Makes Us Unique
Unconventional Designs

We break conventional stereotypes and provide 560+ unique multi-disciplinary experiences for children all through the year.

Integrated Learning

The curriculum is a culmination of methodologies including Playway, John Dewey, Waldorf, and Multiple Intelligence.

Meticulous Assessment

Our assessment is adaptive and focuses on understanding how our learning design can be enhanced to make it engaging for all children.